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What is Social Media 

Social media plays an important role nowadays, being used by all generations. Statisticians estimate that there are 4.48 billion people worldwide using social media this year. It is used for sharing knowledge, connecting with people, running a business, and many other things. Coming to the Business aspect, it helps people to expand their network and increase brand awareness. There is one problem that people are facing and that is since there are many different types of social media platforms out there people don’t know which one to use, so if you want to keep engaging with them you should use all types of social media. It’s not very easy to manage all social media, but I have one great tool, it helps you to maintain all your social media like a pro. It is none other than Zigma Social.

ZigmaSocial Tool 

Zigma social is a managing and automation tool used to maintain all your social media accounts in one tool. Zigma just launched in 2021, and it provides popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, VK, YouTube, and Google my business, in the future, they are planning to add TikTok as well. It’s very easy to use, as they have provided tutorials on how to create a business account, how to manage your accounts, and everything. Compared to other social tools, this one is budget-friendly as well provides more features at a low cost and the plus point is that they provide a one-month free trial as well. In the future, they are planning to launch Zigma Social in Android, iOS, and Windows. They only expect customer satisfaction, and they provide customer service 24/7. They offer you one thing, do you know what it is?

In the dashboard, all reports show a graph of the total number of posts, how many succeed, and how many failed. It helps you to concentrate on future posts. You can publish all kinds of cool options on this tool you create one post, you can select which platforms you are going to post, and with just one click you can post all your selected social pages. When creating a post you have more than one option; photo, video, text, or link, everything is on top of the column. Then you can add your drive on this tool such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and one drive it can help you to make your work easy.

A caption is important for every post, here you can write your captions, save them and use them whenever you want. Coming up with the next schedule is the most significant option in this tool. You can create a new post, you can publish it,, or you can schedule it when you want to post. They provide an interval per post and the Repost option is also available, so you can Repost it whenever you want. The watermark option is also available for you, so you can select your logo, paste it on your post and publish it on your social pages. Time is so significant for everyone,, so this tool will ease your work and save your time. One more thing is that you can edit your scheduled post anytime you want. When you edit the post, the side column will show your post outlook so that you can easily check and publish it. The menu section provides all apps, so you can select your app, create your post and publish it to your specific pages. They not only provide a post option, but they also provide a live steam option. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your work easy and quick.

Actively using social media is one of the easiest ways to connect with people. Why is social media so crucial for business? Additionally, it helps you to Brand, grow revenue, connect with your clients, and do many other things. If you consistently and frequently publish your post, that is when you can only reach out to your customers. The Zigma social media platform is constantly updating its services. They know how many struggles people are facing with maintaining social platforms, so they developed their tools to make the work easy and simple. They can help you to get more done in less time. Compare to other automation tools, Zigma did a great job because they have all the options available for you to use.
Lastly, they provide only two major languages, English and French. It may be beneficial to other users if they add more languages to this useful tool. Next, they provide three plans which are, Starter, Growth, and Advanced. Increasing team members’ counts can help people find out the difference between starter and growth plans.








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