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Cloud Tech Summit 2019 – Northern Sri Lanka


Microsoft Cloud Summit is just the best spot for individuals to get the data and assets they need to begin constructing the upcoming age of industry characterizing Arrangements. Deep dive into how we can use Microsoft Cloud-focused tools and technologies to drive digital transformation with accelerators, solutions, and practices that empower our organization. Tech summits bring like-minded, innovative, and go-getters under a single roof and encourage them to spark meaningful discussions and healthy relations.

Cloud tech summit was Organized by Assistia Private Limited. This event was partnered by C# Corner Global Community. We are the ones who did this first in Northern Province Sri Lanka.

Cloud Tech Summit 2019 Vavuniya was conducted by representatives of Microsoft, Mr. Latheep Pararajasingam (Founder of Assistia (Pvt) Ltd & Vice President of Vavuniya ICT Association), Mr.Viknaraj Manogararajah (Microsoft MVP / MCT, C# Corner MVP), and Ms.Hadshana Kamalanathan (Microsoft MCT, C# Corner MCT).

This Session was about Microsoft Azure Database and Azure AD & covered Introduction about Cloud Computing, Working with Microsoft Azure, Working with Azure Infrastructure Solutions, Working with Cloud Database And Azure AD.

We were glad to do a Session with HND IT Students and IT-related Professionals. At the end of the session, each participant gave Good feedback.

Tourist Places in Vavuniya , Sri Lanka


The ancient meditational hub of the Northern Provinces of Sri Lanka, you will discover so many places that have been used by Buddhist monks for their meditational purposes along their path to enlightenment. There are many caves that have been discovered with drip ledgers and Vavuniya is famous in terms of Buddhism significance as well. The many tanks scattered around the town provides nature lovers with ample relaxation and bird watching opportunities.

Madukanda Sri Dalada Viharaya

This is the first Dalada Maligaya, where the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha was housed after it was brought into the country by Hemamala and Dantha from India. The famous Thonigala inscription is close to the temple as well. Close to the temple is the last ancient walawwa was located which was called the Madukanda Walawwa. You would find that many tourists who are on their way to Jaffna or even those who come to Vavuniya would visit Madukanda temple.


Kalvari Church

During the Lent season (in April), pilgrims from all over the country arrive at Vavuniya to participate in the Way of the Cross. The journey has 15 stops which are marked by life sized statues and in 2014, 8 of these statues were destroyed by people who have no respect for others, but these statues were rebuilt soon.

Archaeological Museum

The museum comes under the Department of Archaeology and has a good collection of artifacts such as some beautiful statues of Lord Buddha, Hindu Gods and Goddesses and Roman Catholic items of worship. Most of these items have been carbon dated to the 5th to 8th century. The museum is open daily except for public holidays and Tuesdays. The museum is free of charge and photographs are not allowed inside.

Isinbassagala Temple

The temple was built more than 2200 years ago by King Devanampiyatissa, right after Buddhism was introduced into Sri Lanka. The name of the temple translates to “the rock that the sage came down from”. The old stupa had been destroyed over time and the new stupa is built on the same place, which is on top of a beautiful rock. The temple consists of a dragon entrance, ancient ruins, a statue of King Devanampiyatissa and a sacred bo tree.

Handagala Kanda ancient cave temple

The hill upon which the Handagala kanda temple is located is filled with 45 ancient caves with drip ledges. The temple is located at a height of almost 300 feet above the surrounding area. Getting to some of these caves is a bit hard. These caves have been used by the Buddhist monks for meditation. The temple has some beautiful frescoes and Lord Buddha statues.

Tantirimale Temple

This is one of the lesser-known temples of Sri Lanka which is spread across a large area of land. You would need around 1 – 1.5 hours to explore the entire complex. There is a stupa, a bo tree and many ruins carved into the rock, including two Lord Buddha statues. The temple’s history dates back to the 3rd century BC and it’s said that when the sacred bo tree was brought to Sri Lanka from India, the tree was kept at Tantirimale temple for a night before going to Anuradhapura. The temple is located close to Wilpattu National Park.

Maha Kachcha Kodiya Temple

Nandimithra, one of the ten giant warriors of King Dutugemunu was born here and he was one of the great warriors who helped defeat the invading Indian King Elara. Once King Dutugemunu won the war, it is said that the people of this village had made a flag in his honour which was made out of Redi Kachchiya. Due to this the place is known as Kachcha Kodiya. The ancient Sri Pathula Gal and Yupa Gala are located here which were ancient objects used for worship prior to creating Lord Buddha statues. There are 23 drip-ledged caves in the area as well.

Kimbulgala Rock and Cave

Nandimitra, one of the ten great giant warriors of King Dutugemunu knew this area well since his home was not far from here. Therefore, he used his knowledge of the place to choose this Kimbulgala rock as a good meeting point for the army during the Battle of Vijithapura between King Elara and King Dutugemnu. During these meetings, King Dutugemunu had frequently visited this rock to address his army. The cave has drip ledges carved into the top of the rock which indicates that Buddhist monks have used this cave for their meditation.

Iru Pothana Ruins

This is the exact location where Nandimitra, one of the great giant warriors, was born. There are many caves in the area suggesting that there had been many Buddhist monks in ancient times who were meditating in search of enlightenment. Apart from the caves there are many ruins which are of immense archaeological value.

Kandasamy Kovil

This photogenic kovil is dedicated to the Hindu God of War – Murugan who is also called Skanda and Kartikeya. God Murugan is the son of God Shiva and Parvati and his brother of God Ganesh. This kovil is very colourful and the Gopuram has been masterfully carved. May devotees from around the country arrive at this kovil during its festive time. The wedding hall next to the kovil provides you with the opportunity to have your wedding in a very picturesque setting with local heritage.

Sivan Kovil

One of the new Hindu kovils which were built in the Vavuniya town which is still only 25 years old. The Gopurams here are nicely done since the location is easily accessible to the villagers, you would see many locals coming here in the morning and in the evening to carry on their daily worship. Visit the kovil during the busy times so that you can witness the poojas.

Thonigala Inscription

This is not to be confused with the Thonigala inscription in Anamaduwa which is far away from Vavuniya. The inscription mentioned here is that of the one in Vavuniya. The inscription in Anamaduwa is 100 meters long, each letter is one feet tall and the letters have been carved 1 inch into the rock making it quite easy to read. However, the inscriptions in Vavuniya are a bit hard to read since it’s more than 1700 years old. The first inscription has been read which talks about the Grain distribution and is considered as one of the most important inscriptions in Sri Lanka

Yan Oya Dam

One of the newer constructions by the Sri Lankans, the Yan Oya Dam is a giant reservoir project in the island. This project provides water to the rural areas of Vavuniya which is said to be around 20,000 acres of paddy cultivation and the Dam can hold up to 149,000-acre feet of water. The fifth largest river in Sri Lanka, the Yan Oya is 2.3km wide and the dam had been constructed across this.

Kallaru Bridge Lookout Point

The Kallaru river is a beautiful small water stream that crosses through Vavuniya. Early in the morning and in the evening, this is a good place for birdwatching. The government has made a look out point for birdwatchers and travellers to stop and enjoy the nature at its fullest. The bridge that runs over the river is called Kallaru Bridge. Once at the lookout place, walk around the place and if the water level is low, go down to the riverbed for better views and opportunities of taking better photographs.

Sampattodal Kulam

One of the many tanks in Vavuniya, but this one provides unique opportunities for bird watchers since many bird species can be seen here. The tank on certain months is filled with water lilies and other flowers and plants which is an incredibly beautiful sight to witness. The Sun sets are a delight to watch over the tank as well. Be sure to stop here on your way through Vavuniya on the A30 route.

Vavuniya Tank

This is the best tank in Vavuniya to see birdlife and sometimes you might be able to witness different species of birds travelling together and coming to the Vavuniya tank for a rest and to catch fish and drink water. Another beautiful location for photography, this is the biggest tank in the town. So therefore, you can move around and find your best spot.

Pavatkulama Tank

A boat ride in the tank is the best way to experience nature at Pavankulama tank. The boat safaris are not properly done, and a good opportunity waits for those who are interested in that and also other pesca tourism activities surrounding the tank. There are many bird species in and around the tank as well and one can do a walking bird trail and also a boat safari as well

Sevalanka Farmstay

Have you ever wanted to stay at a local community, learn about their culture and help out with their daily work so that you can give something back to society? Sevalanka Farmstay is the ideal location for you where there is lots of farming area and livestock to be taken cared. In the evening you can jump into the swimming pool at the Sevalanka Farmstay and they have basic accommodation for overnight stays as well.

What is the Best Social Tool in 2021




The social media automation tool allows you to manage your social media accounts with one tool. It helps you save time and simplify your work, and social media tools provide us the ability to schedule, maintain, organize and monitor our social media activity. Choosing the correct tool is very significant. If you choose the wrong one, it makes your work worse. I just tried so many apps and I came up with four famous apps. Here, I can help you find the most effective social media automation tool.

Best for Instagram     -Later social

Best All in one            – Zigma social

Best for small team’s -Social pilot 

Best for social inbox  – Agorapulse 


Later social:

 It’s a social marketing platform. They offer a free trial for 14 days. Provides platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and Twitter. In the future, they will charge $40 per month. They will not provide YouTube, LinkedIn, or Google My Business to Facebook and Twitter. They will focus on Instagram and Pinterest. While the interface looked slightly boring, the arrangement was somewhat confusing. This wasn’t a good option for running several accounts. If you run just one account, then it’s OK for you. There are no auto watermarks, captions, file storage, or live streaming on this one, so it’s great for Instagram.

Zigma social:

It’s an automation and management tool. They offer a free trial for 30 days. Offering platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google my business, and Twitter. Zigma charges $14 per month and compared to other tools this one is budget-friendly. They highly focus on customer needs so they upgrade themselves day by day. The interface looks so nice and all options are very easy to use. Among their features are auto watermark, notification, Facebook and YouTube live streaming, and file storage. This one is suitable for all social media. Their customer service was so helpful.

Social pilot:

It’s a social media engagement platform that offers 14 days free trial and is available in four languages. Their subscription will cost you $30 per month. They offer platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. There are some issues with the interface that make it extremely confusing. Instagram does not work properly, posting video options are not available. In this tool, you manually always log in to accounts. They provide the live steam option. There is no customer service. The content does not function properly. There is no notification system or support.

Agorapulse social:

It’s a social media management tool, which offers a 15-day free trial. The calendar option is good. Among their platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. They charge $90 per month. This tool does not support Google My Business or Pinterest. There is no auto watermark, captions, storage option, or live steam option here. Using this tool results in very poor Instagram photo quality. The scheduling features do not work properly. Most accounts are automatically logged out. The team does not benefit from this one.



My opinion 

All social media tools are effective in their way. They did their finest to provide a tool that would suit everyone. The comparison was never made by me, I just relayed other people’s thoughts. Every tool has different targets. There are many tools that target certain groups of people, but only some of them cover everyone. Some tools satisfied me and some made me upset. My recommendation is Zigma because compared to other tools the price is reasonable. They cost affordable and offer more features. This interface is so easy to use and everyone can handle it. I have used other platforms also but this one makes me happy. Customer service is such a helpful, effective support team. I saw so many positive reviews for this tool. Don’t miss your chance to make your life easier and more productive.


The Easiest Way For Maintain Social Accounts .



What is Social Media 

Social media plays an important role nowadays, being used by all generations. Statisticians estimate that there are 4.48 billion people worldwide using social media this year. It is used for sharing knowledge, connecting with people, running a business, and many other things. Coming to the Business aspect, it helps people to expand their network and increase brand awareness. There is one problem that people are facing and that is since there are many different types of social media platforms out there people don’t know which one to use, so if you want to keep engaging with them you should use all types of social media. It’s not very easy to manage all social media, but I have one great tool, it helps you to maintain all your social media like a pro. It is none other than Zigma Social.

ZigmaSocial Tool 

Zigma social is a managing and automation tool used to maintain all your social media accounts in one tool. Zigma just launched in 2021, and it provides popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, VK, YouTube, and Google my business, in the future, they are planning to add TikTok as well. It’s very easy to use, as they have provided tutorials on how to create a business account, how to manage your accounts, and everything. Compared to other social tools, this one is budget-friendly as well provides more features at a low cost and the plus point is that they provide a one-month free trial as well. In the future, they are planning to launch Zigma Social in Android, iOS, and Windows. They only expect customer satisfaction, and they provide customer service 24/7. They offer you one thing, do you know what it is?

In the dashboard, all reports show a graph of the total number of posts, how many succeed, and how many failed. It helps you to concentrate on future posts. You can publish all kinds of cool options on this tool you create one post, you can select which platforms you are going to post, and with just one click you can post all your selected social pages. When creating a post you have more than one option; photo, video, text, or link, everything is on top of the column. Then you can add your drive on this tool such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and one drive it can help you to make your work easy.

A caption is important for every post, here you can write your captions, save them and use them whenever you want. Coming up with the next schedule is the most significant option in this tool. You can create a new post, you can publish it,, or you can schedule it when you want to post. They provide an interval per post and the Repost option is also available, so you can Repost it whenever you want. The watermark option is also available for you, so you can select your logo, paste it on your post and publish it on your social pages. Time is so significant for everyone,, so this tool will ease your work and save your time. One more thing is that you can edit your scheduled post anytime you want. When you edit the post, the side column will show your post outlook so that you can easily check and publish it. The menu section provides all apps, so you can select your app, create your post and publish it to your specific pages. They not only provide a post option, but they also provide a live steam option. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your work easy and quick.

Actively using social media is one of the easiest ways to connect with people. Why is social media so crucial for business? Additionally, it helps you to Brand, grow revenue, connect with your clients, and do many other things. If you consistently and frequently publish your post, that is when you can only reach out to your customers. The Zigma social media platform is constantly updating its services. They know how many struggles people are facing with maintaining social platforms, so they developed their tools to make the work easy and simple. They can help you to get more done in less time. Compare to other automation tools, Zigma did a great job because they have all the options available for you to use.
Lastly, they provide only two major languages, English and French. It may be beneficial to other users if they add more languages to this useful tool. Next, they provide three plans which are, Starter, Growth, and Advanced. Increasing team members’ counts can help people find out the difference between starter and growth plans.